Monthly Archives: February 2008

brazil video number one

| February 14, 2008
the first in a series of four videos taken while in brazil – sourcing coffee and cooking, eating, and talking at length with dozens of coffee farmers. for the long(ish) brazil essay and photos click here. in this video watch as the award winning coffee of carmo de minas is picked and sorted prior to processing. and as preparations for the feijoada one pot feast begin.

caffe vita + one pot on location: brazil I from hebberoy on Vimeo.

brazil video number three

| February 12, 2008
this video shows the different cuts of meat and sausage used in the traditional brazilian dish feijoada – a one pot preparation that is now considered the national dish of brazil but was first prepared on the coffee plantations of brazil – a humble dish prepared by the slaves with whatever scraps of meat that could be found. click here for a recipe.

caffe vita + one pot on location: brazil III from hebberoy on Vimeo.