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coffee cupping challenge. week II.

| May 23, 2008

our second week of the coffee cupping challenge takes us to a land of beauty and war, strife and diversity, and some of the best coffee on the planet. i think i read somewhere that this country has a stretch of land 80 miles across that contains the highest number of distinct microclimates in the entire world. 

so here are the clues – you guess the country (and specific region if you are feeling lucky). the answer to last weeks challenge is at the bottom of this post. 
aroma: butter and dark chocolate – think ganache. 
body: medium
acidity: moderately bright
flavor profile: deep cacao, sun-dried cherries, nougat. 
hint: this country is the birthplace of the nobel prize winning novelist that is considered the father of magical realism. 
last week… the answer:
a fine coffee from the mogiana region of brazil – in the sate of sao paolo and bordering minas gerais. the singer songwriter gilberto gil was thrown in jail in the 1968 (a fateful year) for anti-government activity – now he is the brazil’s minister of culture. for more on the vita/one pot trip to brazil click here

coffee cupping challenge. think nascar.

| May 15, 2008

we cup tons of coffee each week. searching the globe for remarkable coffee beans – we thought it would be fun to launch a weekly cupping quiz – we name the characteristics and a few choice bits of information and you guess what region from which the coffee hails… 

wednesday may 14th. 
aroma: dark chocolate, praline, marshmallow, traces of smoke. 
body: medium-bodied  
acidity: low
flavors: dark chocolate, balanced with hints of smoke, layered with baking spice through-out.  sweet finish. 
hint: the current cultural ambassador of this country was jailed in the 70’s for anti-governmental activity.