Monthly Archives: May 2008

Arts Corps’ La Fest del Arte: last night at the Triple Door

| May 9, 2008

Caffe Vita was excited to sponsor Arts Corps’ La Festa del Arte, a benefit last night at the Triple Door. Arts Corps raised over $140,000, which will help continue their amazing work fostering creative habits in young people of Seattle. The hard-working Lisa Fitzhugh, who founded Arts Corps over six years, has stepped down as executive director, so the night was tribute to her as well.

The kids who performed were absolutely amazing! Unbelievable breakdancing and drumming, intense poetry, incredible singing, and a moving video dedicated to Lisa. Stone Gossard and the Hank Williams Choir closed out the night with an unreal show, including performances by Paul Rucker and Vince Mira (who has the most uncanny Johnny Cash voice).

Portland Indie Wine Fest

| May 6, 2008

Vita rocked the Portland Indie Wine Fest this past weekend. Mason and Michael spoke at a very engaging symposium on Saturday about coffee and terroir (terroir is the environment, soil, climate, and other factors in which products like coffee and wine is produced). What ensued was a fascinating discussion that hit sociological, environmental, and scientific angles, and included a comparison tasting of Vita’s Farm Direct Ethiopian Koke and a Panama that was cupped last week. Aubry from Cacao and Joe Whinney from Theo Chocolate (two of our customers) also participated. We’d have to say, though, that the Vita coffee and Mason’s in-depth talk stole the show. The rest of the weekend was fun, too: we had a coffee cart–complete with the three-group Bosco–set up at the actual wine-and-food-tasting festival..