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Coffee Cupping Challenge V

| June 27, 2008

aroma: dark chocolate and hints of berry

body: medium

acidity: moderate

flavor profile: moderately bright with dark chocolate, sun-dried cherry and citrus undertones with subtle hints of cinnamon in the finish

hint: A friendly accord between the US and this coffee’s country of origin has been delayed since a political figure suspected of orchestrating a US soldier’s death was elected president a few years ago.

the answer to the last cupping challenge IIII: Kopi Luwak – the infamous byproduct of what a large civet in indonesia likes to eat – click here and read more….

Slow Food Seattle event at the new Via Tribunali in Georgetown

| June 23, 2008

CaffĂ© Vita and Slow Food Seattle hosted the first party inside the new Via Tribunali in Georgetown. Tribunali fired up the new ovens, built by masons from Naples, for an afternoon of Neapolitan pizza, wine, Theo chocolate, and CaffĂ© Vita Farm Direct coffee. The proceeds from this event went directly to Slow Food Seattle, which is funding a local representative’s trip to take part in Terre Madre in Turin, Italy, an international event bringing together 7,000 food producers, cooks, and educators all seeking global sustainability in food.

More on Vita’s Kopi Luwak coffee

| June 17, 2008

This Indonesian civet, called a luwak, has a curious diet that includes eating ripe coffee cherries. Once these cherries go through its digestive system, they are harvested and washed, and then the beans are roasted.

This rare coffee is the most expensive coffee in the world.

Vita sourced some of this coffee as part of our Farm Direct coffee program and held a cupping last night for wholesale customers and other friends.

Michael Hebberoy went on The Bob Rivers Show while the crew did an on-air tasting. Click here to listen.

photos of the event taken by traca savadogo