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More Kopi Luwak coffee

| June 17, 2008

To the left is a luwak, an Indonesian civet that loves ripe coffee cherries. After the cherries go through the luwak’s digestive system, they’re harvested and washed, and the beans are roasted.

These extremely expensive beans are rare…

Vita sourced some Kopi Luwak coffee beans and held a cupping last night for wholesale customers and other friends.

Vita roaster Mason Sager and Michael Hebberoy went on KOMO Radio to talk about Vita Farm Direct coffee and the Kopi Luwak coffee. Hebb also went on The Bob Rivers Show this morning, where the crew did an on-air tasting.

Kopi Luwak coffee

| June 16, 2008

Vita’s having a cupping tonight of the rare Kopi Luwak, the infamous by-product of the large Indonesian weasel, called a luwak. It likes to eat coffee beans when they’re ripe and juicy. After the beans are digested, they are harvested and roasted. Tonight at 6pm we’re having an invite-only cupping (complete with a Theo Chocolate tasting) at the Capitol Hill roasteria for our customers and friends.

Vita roaster Mason Sager and Bob Prince stopped by the KOMO News Radio studio this morning at 7:15 to cup the coffee, which is from East Java.

coffee cupping challenge week III

| June 9, 2008

this week we cupped one of the rarest coffees in the world. i am going to have to keep the hints obtuse so that it isn’t a complete lay-up.

aroma: bittersweet chocolate and fresh cut herbs


acidity:medium to light.

flavor profile: slight must, herbaceous, caramel finish

hint: the processing of this coffee is by far the most intensive procedure any coffee ever undergoes – when it is ready for roasting it is pristinely washed – almost as if it was scrubbed by tiny hands. the beans are full and plump – and are best if roasted lightly.the process is the clue – it is the most highly evolved scientifically complex washing process on the globe.

last weeks answer: a delightful coffee from columbia.

Michael Hebberoy + Grist

| June 4, 2008

Hebb is now blogging with Grist, talking about his Farm Direct travels with Vita.

“I have spent the past year traveling the globe with Seattle coffee roaster CaffĂ© Vita in their search for coffee, and I have the more enviable and slippery task of seeking out stories. Many Grist readers know that coffee is the second most heavily traded commodity on the planet, but unlike the elephant in the pole position (oil), we hear very little about the realities of the cherry-red fruit on which we are also dependent.

As long as Grist lets me, I will throw out some thoughts from the coffee road, and the other “tablemaking” adventures in which I routinely find myself…” continues at gristmill…