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| August 21, 2008

This may be the most exciting moment in One Pot’s short history. One Pot and Caffe Vita have been locked in a lovely full mouth kiss of a collaboration for the past year – and this is an explosive little project that Vita helped get rolling along back in December. Take a quick look at the remarkable video above created by project partner Chase Jarvis (the handsome man playing guitar is the famed guitarist Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam) and then take a spin over to www.songsforeatingandrinking.com

This night caught by flashing cameras and perfect microphones will forever be etched in my memory – Stone Gossard, Tiny Vipers, Arthur and Yu, Loch Lomond, Sarah Rudinoff, Saturday Knights, and Fences all performing show-stopping songs about eating and drinking while sharing a tremendous feast of baby back ribs, succotash, and strawberries and little delicate pastries… (thank you ericka burke) The photos and the videos tell the story in bold thanks to Chase and his amazing team- Caffe Vita will continue to be the coffee that graces the table at the end of each dinner…