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Vita sponsors "ultra-runner" Brock Gavery.

| October 17, 2008

Here is a little submission from Brock Gravery – ultra-runner and recently voted one of the fittest men in America by Outside Magazine.

“The quality of Caffe Vita Coffee is not just enjoyed by coffee aficionados, café dwellers or people struggling to get through day to day madness. It is also enjoyed by a rare breed of self proclaimed “ultra runners” who take it upon themselves to run distances that can span over 100 miles of rough terrain and sometimes lasting multiple sleepless days and nights. Refusing to consume hybrid sugar water with fancy labels and empty promises of extreme electromagnetic bliss, these athletes subsist on healthy portions of water and Caffe Vita brew to see them through their odysseys.

Caffe Vita co-sponsors athletes Brock Gavery and Sam Thompson on several of their endeavors – including an 8 day run across the 483 mile Colorado Trail, traversing 8 mountain ranges. Caffe Vita also sponsored the fastest circumnavigation of Glacier Peak – about 90 miles of largely unmaintained trails and river crossings and which took the athletes 36 hours of sleep deprived suffering to accomplish. Caffe Vita is now sponsoring the Second Annual Carkeek Park 12 Hour Endurance Run right here in Seattle. Caffe Vita will be served, hot and cold, the entire 12 hours. Learn more about this event at and stay tuned for many more Caffe Vita Sponsored adventures to come.”

Vita + One Pot = God In A Cup

| October 16, 2008

one pot + god in a cup + caffe vita = oct. 21

michaele weissman’s
critically acclaimed new book “god in a cup” hit bookshelves this summer – an elegant and carefully researched ode to the new frontier of coffee – she headed off to farms in east africa and central america with our friends from intelligentsia and counter culture, had a daunting run-in with the founder of stumptown who offered her a bong hit during their first interview, and lost much sleep decoding the mystery behind the panamanian esmeralda that cost about as much as diamonds.

michaele and i have plenty to discuss – since my travels with caffe vita have been equally far flung. expect a casual evening of deep pots of food, conversation, and coffee – the talented scott emerick of cremant fame is going to be joining me in the kitchen to cook a couple dishes i prepared with guatemalan coffee farmers on a recent vita/one pot excursion – and vita will be serving forth farm direct coffee from the very same guatemalan farm. we will be tucked inside caffe vita’s well-hidden private loft – the space alone is worth the ticket.

yet again we have the talented kim ricketts to thank for making this evening possible.

october 21st. caffe vita’s private capitol hill loft. 6pm. $40/person. byow.

email to make reservations

Cremant + Caffe Vita Farm Direct Coffee = Saturday Brunch!

| October 11, 2008

Our favorite neighborhood bistro is swinging open its sexy doors for BRUNCH service this saturday – they are featuring a remarkable selection of Caffe Vita Farm Direct Coffee. Cremant is located in the charming little Seattle village of Madrona – just off the corner of 34th and Union – if you haven’t been don’t forget to admire the stunning interior design by uber-architect/artist/sculptor/furniture maker Roy McMakin.


Subpop’s Tiny Vipers In-Studio Performance

| October 11, 2008

Keeping things fresh at Caffe Vita, here is an in-studio performance by local SubPop outfit Tiny Vipers conducted by Vita’s collaboration with Public Access Media a few weeks back. Tiny Vipers is the project of Seattle-based singer/songwriter Jesy Fortino, a self-taught guitarist whose intricate playing and lonesome vocals give her work a uniquely haunting quality.