Public Access Media + Caffe Vita = Chromeo

| October 6, 2008

Below is an interview which took place in the Caffe Vita bean room, conducted by Public Access Media, over Block Party weekend with Chromeo this summer. We were very lucky to have had the opportunity to grace the presence of such an awesome act. Chromeo is Pee Thug and Dave 1: best friends since their adolescence, virtuoso musicians, and walking hip hop encyclopedias. Chromeo is slick. Chromeo is dripping with reverb. Chromeo is Moog riffs, luxurious harmonies, macho guitar solos and real-deal songcraft. After their performance on main stage we ushered them through way of candle lit underground passage, bypassing the thousands of screaming fans, and into our make-shift studio for a smooth sexy interview. Enjoy!

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