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Vita hosts NY Times Bestselling Author Jennifer 8 Lee

| November 21, 2008

one pot + jennifer 8 lee returns + the fortune cookie chronicles = november 24th.

the last time we had jennifer (and her nytimes best selling book) at dinner we turned away over 150 requests – her insanely engaging book about chinese food in america made a huge splash in the emerald city – six months later we are lucky to get jennifer for a repeat performance – since her last visit her book has appeared everywhere and received endless praise.

we are lucky to have a return visit by the chef du jour scott emerick of cremant – expect some nw-franco-chinese versioning – and don’t be scared – jennifer will make it very clear that sampling and appropriation are core to chinese food.

jennifer gives an amazing multi-media presentation – expect to leave with a completely different perspective on chinese food, america, life. (thanks again to mrs. kim ricketts for making this one go…)

$60 – includes her book – byow. email hebberoy@gmail.com to reserve.