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Caffe Vita hosts James Beard Award Winning Author Jennifer Mclagan

| November 18, 2008

one pot + fat + jennifer mclagan + caffe vita = november 20th. 

james beard award winning author jennifer mclagan will be joining us with her new book FAT an appreciation of the misunderstood ingredient on the 20th – her book begins “for all of history, minus the last thirty years, fat has been at the center of human diets.” and through the rest of her lush book jennifer makes a powerful sensual and scholarly argument for the reification of FAT.

the ever-talent scott emerick of cremant will be cooking beautiful fat-centric food – this will be held in caffe vita’s beautiful private loft – wood fired oven, gorgeous capitol hill location, cozy and lush. bring your own wine – leave with a copy of the book FAT (included in the price) and spend the evening in discussion with Jennifer – Stranger contributor Angela Garbes is going to be sitting down to pepper the author with question and question. (and we owe this delightful event to kim ricketts…)

reserve now. $60. byow. email to reserve:

“I love this book! There are very few cookbooks published today that add something truly new and distinctive to the literature of food and cooking” michael ruhlman author of the french laundry cookbook.

New Farm Direct Coffee – from Panama

| November 12, 2008

Yet another Caffe Vita Farm Direct coffee. We found this brilliant farm through our dear friend and superstar chef Jan Birnbaum of Epic Roasthouse S.F.. We will be getting more of these gorgeous beans in the future – but right now we only have a very limited supply.

The farm is a remarkable organic property in Boquette Panama – with heavy plantings of the much sought after geisha varietal. The trees are farmed using an ancient lunar method and the beans are carefully hand picked and dried on raised beds. The flavor profile is unparalleled and reminds us more of a fine Ethiopian bean than a Latin American coffee. In short – this is a very rare coffee and it completely coffee blew us away. A decadent complex cup with fragrant hints of citrus blossom, pronounced blueberry and chocolate flavors.

Exclusively available at our retail stores – and on the Vita online store – click here to grab some.

Head Like a Kite covers OHIO

| November 10, 2008

As part of the Songs For Eating and Drinking project (that Caffe Vita helped make a reality) here is a short video of local heroes Head Like a Kite covering Crosby Stills and Nash’s famous protest song – originally recorded in reaction to the devastating Kent State shootings of May 4, 1970. The song has been covered by the Dandy Warhols, Devo, and many others – but this might be our favorite rendition. For more performances in this series go to