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Coffee & Chocolate Tasting Was A Smashing Success!

| May 14, 2009

Vita and Theo just spent an informative and fun Saturday morning together, hosting about a dozen people, taking part in a pairing of Direct Trade Coffees and a fine selection of chocolates and cocoa liquors. To get to the heart of tasting coffee and chocolate we tasted the cocoa liquors (ground, roasted, cocoa bean with no sugar added) and performed a coffee cupping. These are the techniques used in the respective trades for doing the preliminary flavor evaluation of the beans. We tasted coffees from Ethiopia, Guatemala, Brazil, and Sumatra, along with cocoa liquors from Ghana, and Costa Rica. This was the first of many events that will be hosted by Tale of Two Roasters. Overall, a fantastic way to start a weekend.

MORE EVENTS TO COME: www.taleoftworoasters.com