Caffe Vita Presents Bunny Ball Part 2 Sunday, May 24th @ Havanna

| May 19, 2009

Remember that party we threw in February around the inauguration? Yeah, us too. It was a good time. So we thought we’d do it again. Why? Because we can. And because we can help the uber-awesome I-100, aka the No New Jail initiative.

On Sunday, May 24th, the Bus, Sno Con, Spacecraft, Caffe Vita, and Initiative 100 present Bunny Ball 2: The Mile High Club @ Havana.

Just like in February, we’re getting together with some of our best friends to make Memorial Day weekend, well, memorable. As always with the Bus, the formula goes a little something like this: dance/politics/dance. To that end, we’ve got three of Seattle’s finest on the wheels of steel: Sabzi (Blue Scholars), DJ Niros (Beta Testerz) and Ill Cosby (no affiliation, but dang that’s a great dj name).

You can totally RSVP/see pics from Bunny Ball 1 on Facebook. And we will totally see you there.

Can you dig it?!

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