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vita + one pot + foodista

| June 18, 2009

vita and one pot team up with foodista on an experimental dinner… is charging ahead with their plans to become the wikipedia of food (and recipes and ingredients) on the web and they are doing a lovely job. one pot, caffe vita, foraged and found edibles, and chef conor donahue got together with foodista to test the technology… in real time.

the idea was rather simple – source all the best foraged items available in the northwest – lay the stuff out in a kitchen – add three chefs – and let them cook up new recipes from scratch. add foodista to translate the rapid cooking to recipe form – and publish the recipes and documentation (in real time) invite friends and host a dinner wherein all the guests can take home the recipes they just feasted upon. share it with the world. this was our first foray into this realm – expect more to come.

here is the menu and links to the recipes.

raw porcini salad on lemon balm leaves

butter clam fritters with wild sorrel tartar sauce

raw local scallops with sea beans and shiso

wood violet and miners lettuce salad with elderflower vinaigrette with fried morels

octopus, garlic scape, and wild onion blossoms

local farro with walnuts, purslane, and scallions

elk braised with gathered figs

elderflower shortbread with strawberries in elderflower syrup.

caffe vita farm direct gayo river sumatra

photos by melissa peterman

Butter Clam Fritters With Wild Sorrel Aioli on Foodista
Wood Violet and Miner's Lettuce Salad With Elderflower Vinaigrette on Foodista
Octopus With Fingerlings And Garlic Scapes on Foodista
Farro With Scallion, Purslane and Walnuts on Foodista
Braised Elk Shoulder on Foodista
Raw King Bolete Salad On Lemon Balm Leaves With Chive Flowers on Foodista
Strawberries With Elderflower Syrup And Cream on Foodista

Big Night For Abruzzo Wednesday, June 24th!

| June 16, 2009

Next Wednesday, June 24th Caffe Vita, Via Tirbunali and some of our favorite northwest Italian restaurants will rally to raise funds by donating a portion of their days sales to the victims of the L’Aquila earthquake. This tragic earthquake hit 6.3 on the Richter scale and devastated the central Italian region of Abruzzo on April 6th 2009 @ 3:25AM, taking close to 300 lives, hospitalizing over 25,000 and displacing more than 60,000.

Proceeds will be given directly to Polisportiva Paganica Rugby and used to help rebuild the sports and recreation facility lost in the devastated town of Paganica, the epicenter of the earthquake. Currently, hundreds of displaced youth in Paganica and neighboring communities have no organized sports or facilities because of the destruction resulting from the earthquake.

Save the date and make a reservation!


Caffe Vita’s Mike McConnell, Brendan McGill and Francesco Angiuli of Via Tribunali returned from Paganica this week, where they saw first hand the devastating aftermath of this earthquake. The trio brought back photos to illustrate the destruction that resulted from the April 6 earthquake which can be viewed below.

TONIGHT: Vera Project Benefit @ Vita Capitol Hill Thursday, June 4th.

| June 4, 2009

Potlatch after Sasquatch
TONIGHT!: Thursday June 4th. Breaking the Ban and giving it all away!
7pm – 10pm Caffe Vita
Capitol Hill. 1005 e Pike.

Featuring intimate sets by Grant Olsen of Arthur and Yu, Say Hi (solo), Mount Eerie/Phil Elverum, and Shawn Smith of Brad.


One Pot will be preparing and giving away bowls of thoughtfully prepared soup, Caffe Vita will be handing out mugs of their Farm Direct coffee, music will fill the cafe and pour out onto Pike Street and artist Ty Willman will be donating the proceeds from his new work. This region has a long history of “potlatch” gatherings; we might not be burning canoes or breaking coppers on June 4th but there certainly will be much offered in the way of song, food, and coffee.

$15/person. All proceeds go to The Vera Project. Tickets at the door.

pot·latch noun. A party or celebration that could involve extravagant or competitive giving and destruction of valued items.

Potlatch Ban. Potlatching was made illegal in Canada in 1885 and the United States in the late nineteenth century, largely at the urging of missionaries and government agents who considered it “a worse than useless custom,” and found the flagrant generosity objectionable.