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Capitol Hill Block Party is Tomorrow!

| July 22, 2009

Capitol Hill Block Party is tomorrow so get ready for an amazing weekend of great music and parties. High lights from the Block Party will include Via Tribunali dishing up Neopolitan Pizza from the Caffe Vita Bean Warehouse as well as our infamous Midnight Super taking place Saturday Night @ 12AM.

Today’s Band Of The Day: Sonic Youth!

Capitol Hill Block Party Countdown 2 Days Away and Counting….

| July 22, 2009

Just a few more short days to the Capitol Hill Block Party. Tickets are selling fast and close to selling out so get your tickets while you can.

Our Caffe Vita band of the day The Lonely Forest
will be playing the Vera Stage Friday @ 7:15 PM and also a few super secret shows scattered across the Capitol Hill landscape
throughout the weekend!

Formed in the waterfront town of Anacortes, WA, the Lonely Forest center on the talents of vocalist/pianist John Van Deusen. The group came together as a quartet in 2005, when frontman Van Deusen chose to bolster his piano-driven compositions with help from guitarist Tony Ruland, drummer Braydn Krueger, and bassist Eric Sturgeon. The group’s spacy sound attracted the ear of Seattle’s Jack Endino (who, in 1989, produced Nirvana’s Bleach), and the Lonely Forest subsequently entered Endino’s studio in 2006 to cut the Regicide EP. Ruland left the band soon after the EP’s release, but the remaining bandmates opted not to replace him, choosing instead to let Van Deusen’s piano assume a larger role in the group’s sound. Retreating to their drummer’s garage, the Lonely Forest rehearsed and recorded Nuclear Winter, an indie rock concept album revolving around the themes of apocalypse and space travel. Although the album’s release was largely limited to the Pacific Northwest, it received much support from KEXP and other local outlets.

Capitol Hill Block Party Countdown 3 Days Away! and it is going to SELL OUT!!!

| July 22, 2009


The annual Capitol Hill Block Party is coming up quick! Over 50 bands on 3 stages in the heart of Capitol Hill and at the door step of the Capitol Hill Caffe Vita.

Featured Band of the Day: MIKA MIKO

A Little Bio:
Mika Miko is an underground punk/noise band formed in 2003 in Los Angeles, California, U.S.Mika Miko has made a name for themselves by being truly on their own program. This 5 piece punk band will defend the term with all their power because they are just that, an amazing punk band, both in spirit and attitude. Pounding their way through interesting, fast pop songs that leave you wondering how they pull the steam all the way through. Imagine a high school dance where Red Cross, Black Flag, X-Ray Spex, The Slits and The Germs are all playing at with an updated flare of excitement and anxiousness.