| August 21, 2009

The final shirt in our series “Life of a Coffee Seed” series is now available at all Vita locations and on our website. The hand-drawn silkscreen of ripe coffee cherries by local artist Robert Mercer is quite possibly our favorite in the series. Available in V-neck (organic white) and a brilliant red crew neck at all Caffe Vita locations and online.

click here to order online
– $15.


Caffe Vita commissioned local artist Robert Mercer to investigate the curious life of the coffee plant, from seedling to cherry ripe fruit. The result is a series of three limited edition t-shirts. We are excited to announce and release the second in the series: The Flower. Up next… The Cherry

Robert Mercer has drawn and designed many of the things we see daily in the Northwest, but we were deeply inspired by the illustrations he crafted for recording artists The Shins and their album Wincing The Night Away. We asked Robert to use a similar style of obsessive almost-psychedelic illustration while considering the life of a coffee seed. The result is three evocative prints that clearly tell the journey of the plant.

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