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Caffe Vita is helping save the planet as a partner in Green Eats Week!

| October 18, 2009

During Green Eats Week, participating restaurants will offer at least one menu item using fully compostable service ware. Diners who purchase one of the selected menu items during Green Eats Week will receive a coupon good for products from Cedar Grove Composting so they can close the loop from food waste and compostable products to garden soil. Participating restaurants are listed on the Green Eats Map that diners can download and print at www.foodplusgreeneatsweek.com.

“We are excited about working with these local restaurants to incorporate composting and recycling into their customer experience,” said Pat Kaufman Food+Compostables program manager for Seattle Public Utilities. “Making it easy for diners to compost and recycle food scraps along with their service ware helps to reduce the city’s overall carbon footprint and keeps waste out of the landfill.”

“When broadly available at Seattle quick-serve restaurants, the Food+ program will divert an estimated 6,000 tons of food and compostable or recyclable food service products each year from the landfill,” said Kaufman. “That’s more than 200 40-foot shipping containers of waste, or 100 rail cars of garbage, that won’t be going to the landfill.”