VITA TABLE WITH RENOWNED FLAMENCO SINGER: Rafael De Utrera w/ Eric and Encarnación from Children of the Revolution

| October 17, 2009

We are incredibly fortunate to have Rafael De Utrera joining the Vita Table directly from Sevilla for an evening of flamenco song, dance, and conversation. Rafael will be joined by his hosts and local flamenco heroes Eric and Encarnación from Children of the Revolution. Expect Spanish cuisine from One Pot + a crew of the cities best chefs – and an experience that should transport us directly to the streets of Seville. Those of you who joined us for the Master Musicians of Jajouka dinner can attest that the intimacy and sheer power of these small gatherings = a damn good time. All of the funds raised from the dinner with go directly to Flamenco Seattle in their ongoing effort to bring us remarkable performers and artists from Spain. $75/person. Click Here to Grab Seats.


Flamenco de Raiz: RAFAEL DE UTRERA
& Eric and Encarnación from Children of the Revolution
November 7, 7:00 PM & 9:30 PM $30.00. Take Link To Buy Tickets.

Rafael and Juanma are top level flamencos coming directly from Sevilla, Spain. Rafael is one of the most respected and in demand flamenco singers in the world today. He is excited to return to Seattle and will be coming off his current tour with Vicente Amigo to join Eric and Encarnación. This will be a “flamenco puro” performance featuring cante jondo(deep or profound song), dance numbers, and original flamenco compositions.

THE VITA TABLE and One Pot have been lucky enough to bring some of the leading thinkers, writers, musicians, cultural leaders, academics, and filmmakers to our table.: Gore Vidal, Bill Mckibben, Marco Pierre White, Cameron Sinclair, Mark Roth, The Master Musicians of Jajouka, DJ Spooky, Jennifer 8 Lee. This is a series about provocative ideas, dangerous ideas, musical ideas, culinary ideas; in short: the ideas that form our culture. In the spirit of the SYMPOSIUM, we think that the perfect place to hold this dialogue is over food and drink and at a common table.

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