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Seattle PI picks Poppy and Spur Gasto Pub as Best Cocktails and Happy Hours in Seattle!

| November 5, 2009
Spur Happy hour: Sun.–Thu., 5–7 p.m.
The Spur boys, chefs Brian McCracken and Dana Tough, began their happy-hour specials a year ago, and those specials remain one of the best deals in town. When we checked last, Spur’s cocktails were all marked down to $6, a considerable bargain for these excellent, well-crafted drinks. (I’m both proud and slightly ashamed to say that I’ve drunk my way through most of their list, with nary a clunker in the bunch. One of my favorites: the Dover cocktail, which features gin, Macvin Blanc, lavender, grenadine and Chartreuse.) In addition to the regularly priced bar menu, Spur offers daily specials, ranging from $3 to $5, such as braised octopus tartine; a “chicken fried egg” with bacon, maple and gravy; and small plates of pasta that feature the freshest, seasonal produce. Favorite cocktail/food pairing: The cognac-based Long Ride at Sunset and Spur’s beef carpaccio with fried béarnaise sauce and tarragon oil are a welcome spin on the traditional “high roller’s” cognac and steak dinner.

Poppy Happy hour: Tue.–Thu. and Sun., 5–7 p.m. (and late night, 9–11 p.m.; 9–10 p.m. Sun.)
Poppy’s happy hour is one of the best values in town, with three rotating cocktails for $5 each, and a $5 seasonal thali (a miniature version of the restaurant’s signature service of many small plates at once) that, on a recent visit, included spiced crispies and cashews, cauliflower purée, a tiny pancetta and onion tart on flaky rye pastry and two fried mussels (the seasonal menu is always changing). Chef Jerry Traunfeld (formerly of the Herbfarm) keeps the bar area packed with hungry patrons with tasty offerings like Poppy’s signature eggplant fries (lightly crisped and salted, then anointed with buckwheat honey), and salt cod fritters with paprika aioli. My order at the bar? The Six-Twenty-Two, a rye-based cocktail with Amaro Nonino and rhubarb bitters. Finish the evening with one of award-winning pastry chef Dana Cree’s warm date cakes, drowned in muscovado butterscotch and topped with buttered pecans and banana ice cream