| November 25, 2009

We cupped some outstanding coffee today from Central and South America including an organic/bio-dynamic FARM DIRECT coffee from Panama. Panama Finca Dos Jefes, slated for an early December 2009 release- available at all CAFFE VITA retail locations as well as our online store @

Panama Finca Dos Jefes is truly one of a kind. Grown in the lush green mountain highlands of Chiriqui province of Panama utilizing organic & bio dynamic principles/methods, this coffee screams perfection. Huge aromas of sun dried blueberry dominate the nose as nuances of cinnamon and dark chocolate permeate the air.
A full bodied coffee with moderate acidity exhibiting bold, prominent flavors of dark chocolate and blueberry dominate the cup with hints of spice and citrus zest dissipating throughout the caramel finish.

The natural process and adherence to organic and bio-dynamic principles no doubt gives this coffee its distinct character and complexity of flavor/aromas.
For more information on bio dynamic agriculture click here:

Visit your local CAFFE VITA for more information on CAFFE VITA FARM DIRECT PANAMA FINCA DOS JEFES. Available early December 2009…

*Cupping will be cancelled this Friday, November 27 due to Thanksgiving festivities and will resume Wednesday Dec 2 @ 10 AM @ CAFFE VITA Capitol Hill-1005 E Pike St.

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