| December 11, 2009

Wonderful coffees on the table today from Ethiopia, Mexico, Peru and Flores. Definitely a nice change of pace from Wednesdays coffee and chicory experiment!

Here are the tasting notes from todays cupping-

ETHIOPIA- Aromas of sun dried blueberry, sun scorched earth and enticing spice notes. A medium bodied coffee with moderate acidity displaying profound blueberry flavors upfront- tapering into subtle citrus notes balanced with layers of earth, spice and dark chocolate throughout.

MEXICO- Subtle aromas of tangerine, caramel and dark chocolate. Mellow and subdued in the cup, showing subtle smokiness up front with harmonious layers of dark chocolate, baking spice and nougat balanced with mild acidity and a lush, velvety body. A sweet, smokey finish beckons another taste.

PERU- Warm, alluring aromas of dark berry, creme brulee and milk chocolate. Prominent dark berry flavors up front tapering in to dark chocolate and citrus tones finishing with subtle honey and herbaceous accents. A moderately full bodied coffee with well balanced acidity and a sweet, lasting finish.

FLORES- Heavy, robust aromas of earth, spice and smoke. Deep, rich flavors of dark chocolate, earth and subtle smokiness throughout the cup with low acidity and a full body. Nice dark chocolate nuances in the dissipating, smokey finish.

A great cupping today displaying the complexity, depth and diversity of world class coffees from Africa, Central/South America and Indonesia. Thanks to all those who participated today and a friendly reminder to visit CAFFE VITA-Capitol Hill- 1005 E PIKE ST- EVERY WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY @ 10 AM for our FREE coffee cupping!

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