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| January 29, 2010

Central America was the theme at the CAFFE VITA cupping table today, with a particular standout coffee from Honduras. Rich, loamy aromas evoke memories of rain soaked forest floor with hints of moss and wet tobacco complimenting the deep cocoa undertones and caramel sweetness.

A well rounded, vibrant, medium bodied cup displaying well balanced earth tones throughout with flavors of dark chocolate, tobacco and leather interspersed with hints of raisin and sun dried cherry and a sweet caramel, somewhat smokey, lingering finish.

Thanks to everyone who joined us at our FREE coffee cupping today and we look forward to seeing YOU at our next FREE coffee cupping at CAFFE VITA-CAPITOL HILL-1005 E. PIKE ST- WEDNESDAYS and FRIDAYS @ 10 AM.

New Crop Farm Direct Sumatra Has Arrived.

| January 28, 2010


New Crop Farm Direct Gayo River Sumatra Arrives.

Gayo River Producers visiting in April!

Click here to order online. $14/pound.

Our friends in Sumatra had a brilliant harvest this fall. Once again this certified organic coffee from the Gayo region of Northern Sumatra stands out among all other Indonesian coffees we have cupped with rich, exotic, robust aromas and flavors.

Tasting Notes: enticing aromas of dark chocolate, baking spice and cigar smoke up front with sultry nuances of cinnamon and earthiness. A robust, full bodied coffee with low acidity and well balanced sweet/smoky flavors of dark chocolate, vanilla, maple, and tobacco. Pleasant, lingering aftertaste of dissipating cocoa powder with lovely traces of
warm spice.

The Gayo River farmers have an unparralled respect and reverence for the planet. The shade grown coffee farms in this area provide substantial habitat for local bird and animal populations and exist within a brilliant and varied eco-system. Their warmth and generosity during our visits have created a bond between roaster and farmer that is rare and has enriched us greatly. We are anxiously awaiting their return visit to Seattle this April. Expect cuppings, dinners, and several opportunities to meet the producers. Stay Tuned for details.

This remarkable coffee is available now on our online store at, all six vita locations, and in the Seattle area at Whole Foods, Metropolitan Markets, Central Markets and many other fine retailers.

JESSE JONES / KING 5 News loves Caffe Vita – and takes a big knife to some bogus Chicago company called "Seattle Coffee Direct"

| January 28, 2010

More problems for Seattle Coffee Direct


Posted on January 27, 2010 at 11:00 PM

Roy Dudley says he was charged $79 last month for coffee he ordered and paid for two years ago and the company hasn’t refunded his money.

“It’s like someone owes you money and they are dodging you,” said Everett’s Cherilyn Rubenaker who got hit with $200 worth of unauthorized charges for coffee she never ordered and the unwanted bags kept showing up on her door step.

These folks are dealing with a company called Seattle Coffee Direct, a mail order business based out of suburban Chicago and not Seattle. I told you about them last month. Following the report, I got complaints from coast to coast about the company.

I called the Better Business Bureau in Chicago, and they say customers filed more than 1000 complaints against the company in 49 states and the District of Columbia.

Recently I clicked on the company’s Web site and saw a notice saying the company is not taking orders. It also provides a form to request a refund. I was able to get Cherilyn’s money back from the CEO of the company, but this time the big guy isn’t returning my e-mails or calls to his cell.

So here’s what you should do: Call your bank and see if you can get charge back on your credit card for the purchase. If that doesn’t work, try the Attorney General’s Office. They’ll be able to contact the company and on your behalf.

For right now, I’m sending Seattle Coffee Direct all of our complaints plus a real bag of coffee from Seattle.

Jesse is sending them a bag of Caffe Vita Farm Direct Gayo River Sumatra. Ha!