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| January 8, 2010

On the cupping table today were coffees from Flores, Sumatra and Ethiopia. We are definitely excited for the new crop arrivals from our friends in Sumatra who produce our CAFFE VITA FARM DIRECT GAYO RIVER. This certified organic coffee consistently stands out among all other Indonesian coffees with rich, exotic, robust aromas and flavors- a perennial favorite.

This years harvest is no exception. CAFFE VITA FARM DIRECT SUMATRA GAYO RIVER is truly outstanding. Rich, enticing aromas of dark chocolate, baking spice and cigar smoke up front with sultry nuances of cinnamon and earthiness. A robust, full bodied coffee with low acidity and well balanced sweet/smoky flavors of dark chocolate, vanilla, maple, tobacco and loamy nuances. Pleasant, lingering aftertaste of dissipating cocoa powder with lovely traces of baking spice and cigar smoke. Words just don’t do this coffee justice- get to your local CAFFE VITA and ask for a ‘cuppa’ FARM DIRECT SUMATRA GAYO RIVER!!!

In contrast to this wonderful FARM DIRECT GAYO RIVER SUMATRA was the Organic Natural Process Ethiopia Sidamo. Distinctive blueberry aromas with dark chocolate and citrus nuances and hints of sun scorched earth. A moderately acidic, light/medium bodied coffee with pronounced blueberry flavors balanced with dark chocolate and citrus notes throughout the somewhat earthy finish. An alluring earthy flavor lingering with the blueberry and citrus notes kept us tasting again and again- an interesting coffee for sure.

Another great day cupping coffees from around the world at CAFFE VITA-CAPITOL HILL-1005 E PIKE ST. Join us EVERY WEDNESDAY AND FRIDAY @ 10 AM for FREE COFFEE CUPPING.