| January 15, 2010

Greetings from the CAFFE VITA cupping table- where EVERY WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY @ 10 AM we cup the worlds finest coffees FREE for anyone interested in exploring the dynamic world of coffee. Today we cupped coffees from Mexico, Papua New Guinea and East Timor. All delicious coffees with the coffees from Mexico and Papua New Guinea clearly standing apart from the rest.

Mexico displayed wonderful dry/earthy aromas of cinnamon, tobacco, cocoa powder, charred oak and subtle hints of sun-dried citrus. A mild/subdued cup with light acidity and light/medium body with sweet, earthy flavors of cocoa, tobacco, charred oak, sun dried citrus and hints of molasses in the finish.

Papua New Guinea showed nice aromas of cocoa, baking spice, citrus, marshmallow and subtle hints of cigar smoke. A sweet, well balanced coffee with moderate acidity and medium body with mouth watering flavors of citrus, cocoa, nougat with subtle herbaceous notes throughout the clean, dissipating finish.

Stop by and visit CAFFE VITA-CAPITOL HILL-1005 E PIKE ST- 10 AM EVERY WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY for our FREE coffee cupping and taste the world of coffee with us! See you next week…

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