| February 19, 2010

Coffees from Ethiopia graced the cupping table today, as we sampled various coffees from Sidamo, Yirgacheffe and Harrar, providing us with a unique opportunity to experience some of the exceptional quality coffees from the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia.
All of the coffees were delicious with the organic Sidamo displaying enticing aromas of dark chocolate and sun dried blueberry with subtle earth tones and hints of spice. A full bodied coffee with moderate acidity with flavors of dark chocolate, blueberry, sun scorched earth, subtle citrus hues and spice throughout the lingering finish.
Another favorite coffee on the table was the CAFFE VITA FARM DIRECT ETHIOPIA SHASHAMANE with warm aromas of honey, cocoa, berry and citrus blossom. A medium bodied coffee with mild acidity, well balanced flavors of cocoa, sun dried berry and citrus with subtle notes of honey and spice in the finish.
Thanks again to everyone who joined us at our FREE coffee cupping today and we look forward to seeing YOU at our next FREE coffee cupping at CAFFE VITA-CAPITOL HILL-1005 E. PIKE ST- WEDNESDAYS and FRIDAYS @ 10 AM.
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