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Indonesia, Africa and South America coffee cupping 2/10/10

| February 10, 2010

A full display of exceptional coffees from Indonesia, Africa and South America today at the CAFFE VITA cupping table. Coffees from Java, Flores, Tanzania and Brazil afforded us the opportunity to explore the differences and similarities between these respective origins, generating much discussion amongst cuppers.
The overall favorite today was a coffee from Tanzania. This particular coffee was an eye-opener to many not familiar with coffees produced from this country. A wonderfully aromatic cup with top notes of honey balanced with lovely citrus and herbaceous tones. A moderately acidic cup with nice medium body allowing the citrus flavors to blend harmoniously with the honey and subtle undertones of spice leading in to a sweet, herbaceous finish.
Where does your favorite coffee originate? Join us at our next FREE coffee cupping at CAFFE VITA-CAPITOL HILL-1005 E. PIKE ST- WEDNESDAYS and FRIDAYS @ 10 AM and find out.

Portland Monthly covers Caffe Vita Barista school for at-risk youth.

| February 9, 2010

Solid Grounds
a barista school gets teens off the street and behind the counter
by Martin Patail

For most of us, coffee is simply a tool for paddle-shocking our brains every morning, but for a few of Portland’s 1,000 or so homeless youth, it’s a way to jump-start a career. In October, P:ear, a local youth mentoring program, partnered with Seattle-based roasters Caffé Vita to open a barista school that fast-tracks Portland’s least fortunate in one of the city’s most competitive industries. The arrangement is simple, explains Sarah Dougher, a veteran P:ear staffer: Caffé Vita donates the coffee, equipment, and instruction while P:ear provides the space. All the students have to do is roll up their sleeves. Continue reading here…

And Some upcoming VITA + P:EAR public events:

March 4th: 1st Thursday at p:ear gallery in old town on 6th and Flanders. Barista school students will be slinging coffee for tips and to help generate awareness for barista school coffee cart opening late March. 6-9pm

March 9th: a fresh batch of p:ear barista school students will be serving up Vita throughout the day in support of p:ear and the barista school project. Baristas will rotate through shifts on the cart to hone their skills with coffee and people. p:ear gallery, 6th and Flanders NW. 9 am-2 pm.

PBS: Public Brewing School Invades Whole Foods Bellevue This Sunday!

| February 9, 2010

Whole Foods PBS this Sunday February 14th from 10- 11:30 at Whole Foods Bellevue. The class cost $15 which includes a Vita ceramic pour over. There are only 15 spaces open.

PBS: further your knowledge of coffee brewing methods including the use of Vita Pour Over, French Press, Vacuum Pot, Bialetti and more. Drink great coffee, learn about its origins, hang out with Andy Kent Vita’s lead coffee trainer.

Email or to sign up!
Payment can be made upon arrival.

The Guardian gives Caffe Vita nod as the best Seattle cup.

| February 3, 2010

Going Underground in Seattle

Chloe McCloskey, Wednesday 3 February 2010 15.27 GMT

In a city where the alternative is the everyday, just what do you do for kicks? Le cool’s Chloe McCloskey delves into Seattle’s underground for snowshoeing, ethically sourced coffee and subterranean tattoos

Widely acknowledged for unleashing Starbucks upon the world and seeing the rise and fall of grunge legend Kurt Cobain, Seattle is more than just San Francisco’s rainy, northern cousin. The seaport city sits among stunning natural surroundings and is incredibly progressive. This forward-thinking mindset, whereby good old American hospitality is combined with an earnest hippie attitude and a mature approach towards sustainable living, means that what many would consider alternative is actually just the norm.

Everything in this town seems to have been stuck with a ‘locally sourced’ or ‘ethically traded’ sticker and residents are damn proud of it. With its lively markets, thriving East Asian communities, excellent coffee houses and a small, but very cool hipster scene, Seattle is a great base from which to explore the Pacific Northwest or frankly, just chill out

As you might imagine, Seattleites take their coffee very seriously – in fact, a double espresso shot is custom for all hot drinks. When it comes to the best beans, there’s a toss-up between two roasters in the cool Capitol Hill area. Walk into either Stumptown (1115 12th Avenue) or Caffe Vita (1005 East Pike Street) and you’ll be struck by the intense scent of jet-fuel espresso brewing. Vita was my preference for taste. Their One Pot project sees the company’s ownership heading out on coffee souring missions to the likes of Ethiopia and Sumatra.

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