Fox News Team Live from Caffe Vita: Where Does Your Morning Java Really Come From?

| March 1, 2010

Exploring The Path From Coffee Plant To Coffee Cup With Caffe Vita

Q13 FOX News Online

March 1, 2010

SEATTLE – Maybe you have the occasional cup with dessert, or when you’re out with friends catching up on the latest news and gossip. Or maybe you brew yourself a thermos-full every morning before work. Whatever the case, there is a lot that goes in to creating that perfect-tasting cup of coffee, and we went to the folks at Caffe Vita on Capitol Hill to show us what the process entails.

From selecting just where to purchase the beans from, to the way those beans are roasted, there are many different elements that go in to creating just the right taste. Some say coffee has just as many (if not more) flavor notes than wine. So it’s not surprising that with “cupping,” coffee lovers can do a tasting just as wine lovers can.

Caffe Vita is just one of many locally-owned coffee shops in the Seattle area. They hand-roast their own farm direct coffee, and you can stop by one of their locations to taste it for yourself! (Capitol Hill, Queen Anne, Fremont, Seward Park, and Olympia.)

Video Link should be live soon…

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