| April 30, 2010

We sampled some excellent coffees from East Africa today at the cupping table. Coffees from Ethiopia, Uganda, and Tanzania were on the table today, where each coffee displayed their unique characteristics and provided a great opportunity to further our understanding and appreciation of these coffees.
The standout coffee of the day was from Tanzania- this coffee had a delicate, floral profile with herbaceous earth tones, subtle hints of citrus and a honey sweetness resembling a hearty black tea more so than a cup of coffee. Well balanced acidity gave this coffee a nice refreshing quality and liveliness with a medium body that harmonized the acidity and sweetness in the cup. The subtly herbaceous and honeyed aftertaste was pleasant and kept us returning to the cup for yet another taste.
Thank you to everyone who joined us at CAFFE VITA-CAPITOL HILL today and we look forward to seeing YOU at our next cupping- WEDNESDAY, MAY 5 @ 10 AM at CAFFE VITA- CAPITOL HILL- 1005 E PIKE ST.
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