Denver Daily News reports on Caffe Vita bike thru window.

| April 28, 2010

Espresso to go for cyclists

Bike shop opens a bike-thru window for cyclists to grab espresso, parts

Kristin Pazulski, DDN Staff Writer

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Picking up an espresso while cycling to work has never been easier.

Drivers might have Starbucks’ drive-thru, but cyclists can satisfy their morning espresso fix at Salvagetti Bicycle Workshop on Platte Street. The local bike shop opened Denver’s first bike-through window this past weekend, offering the necessities to cyclists — espresso drinks and bike parts.

“When we tell people about the window, they go back and forth between the expletive response (of excitement) to ‘why would you do that?,’” said Scott Taylor, the owner of Salvagetti.

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