Breaking Through Concrete : Urban Farm Tour : Fueled by Caffe Vita: Launch Day

| May 20, 2010
Lewis Lewis received a Korbel champagne shower last night, his last evening in the safe harbor of Magnolia, Seattle.
Lewis Lewis is a short school bus powered by veggie grease and sometimes biodiesel. He houses the crew of the Breaking Through Concrete (BTC) urban farm tour.
Vita Headquarters, morning coffee pick-up, five lbs

Three of us – Charlie Hoxie videographer (Brooklyn), David Hanson writer (Seattle), and Michael Hanson photographer (Seattle) – rolled out at 7am to begin a seven week book development trip for a photo book on American urban farms. We’ll explore fourteen projects around the country to showcase the people and places who are transforming urban communities and food systems.
On our way out of town we stopped at Caffe Vita to pick up five lbs of Sumatra farm-direct. Because we’ll be french pressing it along the way and sharing it with new friends, we got a lesson from head trainer, Andy Kent. He’s a master and he sat us down at a big wooden table overlooking Vita’s roasting room. He shared the art of the French press (invented 1850 France, patented 1930s Italy).
Huerto de la Familia project, Eugene, OR
Stopped at Eugene, OR’s Heurto de la Familia this afternoon. Sarah Cantril started it in 1999 as a way to provide garden plots to low-income Latinas. They began with six women and now have over 50 families growing tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, peppers, onions on community plots. Sarah and Daniel, her only employee, are the only west coast recipients of WHY Hunger’s Annual Award. (WHY Hunger is a major sponsor of the BTC tour.) 
Roadside dinner: Azalea, OR
We continued on through a wild show of rain, sun, rainbow, wind, rain and into the Klamath Mountains. We passed the town of Riddle and stopped in Azalea. Cooked in Lewis Lewis and ate at the table outside the Azalea General Store, closed for the evening. Two cars passed in 30 minutes.
390 miles driven on veggie grease.

We now nightcap bourbon before sleep at the Rest Area beside I-5 between Bear Creek and the town of Talent, Oregon, roughly 500 miles from our next destination, Santa Cruz and the Homeless Garden Project

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Rest Area: Talent, Oregon
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