A good day cupping

| July 14, 2010
Today we had a lot of fun at the cupping table; it was a double header.
Round one: Sumatra
We sniffed, slurped, and spat our way through eight organic coffees from northern Sumatra. Aromas of cocoa, orange peel, jalapeno, moss, blackberry, and tobacco tantalized our noses. These were big bodied beauties, low in acid, with that long wild finish that typifies the best Sumatra has to offer. The standout once again: Sumatra Gayo River. The new crop will be arriving early next week, straight from our Farm Direct partners in Aceh.

the last time young master cupper Keith was this excited (circa 198?)

Round two : Ethiopia . . . and Yemen

Our second cupping featured all dry processed coffees. From cup to cup we witnessed the wide range of qualities that emerge when coffee is allowed to dry with fruit still clinging to the bean. The yeasty and winey qualities of fermentation were present, as were the fabulous dark chocolate and blueberry notes. Some unusual and surprising aromas evoked memories of dusty desert nights roasting chilies, and the fumes of medicine cabinet.

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