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Brandy: Not just for Wisconsin anymore…

| August 31, 2010

You might not know this, but Packer Nation not only consumes per capita unhealthy amounts of beer, cheese, brats, and Farve drama; but also the Don Draper of forgotten liquors…brandy. When you order a Manhattan in Wisconsin, you’re probably gonna get it back made with brandy. The state consumes more brandy per capita than any other in our fine fifty.

San Francisoans can now enjoy the fine spirit along with some fine Caffé Vita coffee while lounging along the Embarcadero at Lafitte. From the daily email, a column about eats and drinks in outdoor settings:

Make your way over to the only resto on Pier 5 named after a smuggler/privateer/pirate for The Baptiste cocktail: a flaming drink served hot in a coffee mug that’s made up of brandy, orange peel, cloves, cinnamon, sugar, and Caffé Vita coffee–suggesting the best part of waking up is…not Folger’s. 

Cupping Notes: From Africa’s Ancient Ports

| August 30, 2010

Our green bean buyer, Daniel, checks in from Caffé Vita’s cupping table…

Today’s cupping featured enigmatic coffees from the horn of Africa and the Arabian peninsula, regions most steeped in coffee history: the birthplace, Ethiopia, and the first major trading port, Yemen. These were rustic, natural coffees, each exhibiting different expressions of terroir and fermentation.

From Yemen were two Mocca Sanani, one wild and fruity, with aromas  pineapple, hazelnut, and brandy. The other was a more subdued affair, offering cocoa, sassafras, and apricot. The third Yemen was Anesi, low toned and earthy, with scotch like leather and wood aromas. I am on the search for an exquisite Yemen for the enjoyment of our Caffe Vita peeps, one that will both please and intrigue.    

Moving on to Ethiopia, we cupped two coffees from Harrar, and three from Sidamo. The arid conditions of Harrar typically allow for quicker drying of the fruit than in the Sidamo region, and this difference in climate manifested itself in the cup. While the Harrar was fairly consistent from cup to cup, with pleasing earthy cocoa and dark fruit aromas, the Sidamo was wild and unruly, each cup slightly different, some with blueberry and citrus, others yeasty and winey, and still others with a medicinal menthol-esque quality. I believe that due to an extended drying period these Sidamo coffees express more fermentation than the coffees of Harrar, which at times can be fabulous, but at others a tad rotten.

Though not all of these natural coffees were to my liking, they most certainly were a joy to cup, due to the unexpected and complex aromas that result from the process which created them.

Mobile City Eats Extravaganza to feature Caffé Vita and Trib Pizza!

| August 26, 2010

Everything begins tonight at 6pm and goes until 10pm at the Broadway Bank of America parking lot at 10th Ave East and East Thomas. Here’s what their facebook page says:

Join us for a mobile eats extravaganza on beautiful, walkable Broadway! Everything will be on wheels. Maybe you should wear some roller blades? See a band on the back of a truck! Jamz by My Goodness!!!!! Mash Hall!!!!Picoso!!! Dance inside of a mobile disco. Walk, bike, blade, ride transit, skate, jog down to this bangin’ outdoor party, bring everyone you know. Celebrate Capitol Hill. Eat at Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream Truck, Maximus Minimus, Rancho Bravo Taco Truck, Via Tribunali and shop at the CMRTYZ/Young Monster Pop-up shop, ride The Adventure School Spin Art Bike, and jump with Double Dutch Empire! Get realllllllly local news from Capitol Hill Seattle blog (and maybe a CHS sticker for your blades).

Caffé Vita on the Move with Street Treats!

| August 24, 2010

They might be hard to track down, but surely you’ll come across the lovely ladies from Street Treats as they serve up intoxicatingly delicious homemade baked goods, hand made ice cream, and french press Caffé Vita coffee throughout Seattle. Launched this summer, Street Treats mobile truck is fueled by biodiesel and appliances are operated off batteries. The treats are fueled by love and creativity and notable selections include High 5 Pies and build your own ice-cream sandwiches. Of course, any treat would be excellently accompanied by a Caffé Vita coffee.

Actually, the Street Treats website makes it easy to visit them in all of their various Seattle locations. Get you some.