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Caffe Vita Espresso: Flavor of the Day at Old School Frozen Custard this Sunday

| August 3, 2010
Like this, but darker…

“Hold the phone! They’re doing what??!!”

Like peanut butter and jelly, strawberries and cream, and whiskey and ginger ale before it; combining Caffe Vita espresso with frozen custard had to have been an idea placed by some sort of divine intervention.

On Sunday, August 8th, Old School Frozen Custard will feature Caffe Vita Espresso as their flavor-of-the-day. If you’ve never had frozen custard, well, it’s kind of bizarre it never really took off on the West Coast. Do we not, out here, enjoy the finer things in life? Frozen custard is like the best ice-cream you’ve ever had, only creamier. Think ice-cream crossed with gelato. Frozen custard is huge in the Midwest. Custard joints are like McDonald’s in Wisconsin (a land known for appreciation of fine beer and cheese), if that tells you anything. 

Caffe Vita Espresso flavor Old School Frozen custard will be available at their Capitol Hill and Bonney Lake locations Sunday from noon until late night (so, you know, enough time for a couple visits. Hey, it’s Sunday. Indulge a bit.).