Backcountry Brewing…

| August 10, 2010
Not only day to day, but also in the back woods, coffee is the staple to my existence.

Whereever I go, I either follow coffee or coffee follows me. Even in the backcountry I need good quality coffee, brewed correctly…

I found out over the last couple of years, after using many different brew methods in the backcountry, what I enjoy the most. Bialette, Moka Pot, or Stove Top Espresso: whatever you want to call it, is my favorite way to brew in the mountains. I have tried many other methods including a folding coffee drip, an Aeropress, and a titanium press pot; but to me none of these methods capture what I need when waking up 25 miles back and 7000 feet up.

Small, lightweight, hotter then hell, and straight to the point!

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