Caffé Vita Espresso: Good enough to rub all over your face…

| August 5, 2010

You know you’ve considered it. Added to the fact that caffeine can be absorbed through the skin, well, rubbing coffee grounds on your face all of a sudden is giving the cold water splash a run for its money in the feel-awake-quick category.

Fortunately, Seattle-based cosmetic brand Sweet Beauty has a more refined option. According to a recent article in Fresh Cup Magazine, they use Caffé Vita espresso beans in some products in their “Mocha Collection;” including a sugar scrub with espresso grounds. From the article:

Sweet Beauty’s final coffee-based product, a sugar scrub, has an independent coffee shop at its roots. When Francoise needs a fresh batch of the cosmetic, she [Sweet Beauty Owner Lisa Francoise] heads to a shop in her Seattle neighborhood and buys Caffé Vita espresso beans by the pound. Back at her workspace she grinds the coffee and combines it with coffee bean oil, chocolate and sugar. 

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