What are YOU doing next weekend?

| August 13, 2010

To be fair (to all of us), Outside Magazine named Caffé Vita employee and sponsored endurance athlete Brock Gavery one of the fittest men in America in 2008. In one week, next Friday, Brock will rise from bed in Ballard and bike to the base of Mt. Rainier, summit the mountain, and then hike/run the Wonderland Trail. The trail circumnavigates Mt. Rainier, is a 93 mile loop, and includes 22,000 feet of elevation gain along its course. NBD.

Brock and his partner, endurance runner Sam Thompson, call their venture The Triple Threat. “We expect to finish it in 55-65 hours,” Brock said today. That’s with a bit of sleep factored in. Damn. Of course, Brock will utilize Caffé Vita coffee prepared with a backcountry stove and press pot to keep him fueled during the waking hours.

Whatever you do next weekend, click-in to The Triple Threat website to follow Brock and Sam via Facebook and Twitter. Here’s a video of Brock and Sam tackling just the Wonderland Trail last year:

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