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Greetings from Cerrado

| September 16, 2010
There is not a cloud in sight, it hasn’t rained in months, and the brick red soil is begging for water.  The harvest in Cerrado is winding down, the long hot winter having produced one of the biggest crops in history.  Sophisticated irrigation systems have provided the trees with precisely the amount of water necessary for their survival, and rigorous sorting, grading and cupping have determined the exceptional lots destined for the specialty market. 

Each day has been filled with visits to farms and cooperatives, each preparing cuppings and explanations of everything from traceability to production and sustainability. The best coffees of this region are low bodied and sweet, with flavors of chocolate, nuts, and orange peel.

Ninety percent of coffee in Cerrado is produced naturally – the whole fruit is placed on drying patios, regularly raked to promote even drying until the moisture content is reduced to 15 %, at which point it is finished to 11% moisture in large wood fired drums.  The coffee is then milled, rigourously sorted, and stored in burlap sacks at cooperative warehouses such as this one in Patrocinio.
After a short flight back to Sao Paulo, I will drive to the rolling hills of Carmo de Minas to check in on the harvest where many consider to be the best coffee in Brazil.   Stay tuned . . .

Public Brewing School: New Dates Set!

| September 15, 2010

Dates for the fall and early winter for our wildly popular Public Brewing School (PBS) have been announced! PBS is a two-hour class taught by our trainer Andy Kent and is geared towards helping you create the best coffee you can while you are at home. Processes covered include pour over, french Press, vacuum pot, Bialetti, Chemex, and more. PBS is always on Saturday at 10am and always free. It is held at our Capitol Hill location, in our cupping room above the roasterie.

October 16th
November 27th
December 18th
January 22nd

If you are interested in attending any PBS session, please email Andy Kent at

Caffé Vita Celebrates and Supports Blue Hour in PDX…

| September 15, 2010

The weekend we accepted a gracious invitation from Blue Hour’s Bruce Carey to attend a stellar celebration for Blue Hour’s 10th anniversary. The party was actually a benefit to raise money for Mercy Corps and included copious amounts of delicious food and drink (and homemade ice cream), and a performance by Storm Large.

We brought in our mobile espresso cart to provide guests and staff with some much needed fuel to bring the party well into the night. Via Tribunali also provided their rolling pizza oven and was slinging fresh pies as fast as we were slinging fresh espresso. All in all, it was a great time and Bruce estimates something in the neighborhood of $18,000 was raised for Mercy Corps. Happy 10th Blue Hour, and thank you!

Caffé Vita Drops Some Knowledge at Amazon.Com

| September 7, 2010

On Monday myself and few Caffé Vita folks were able to take a wonderful sunny walk around the new South Lake Union Amazon campus, finished off by a brewing demo. We were lucky enough to be asked to do a surprise coffee demo for 130 out of state/country Amazon employees. It was great seeing the excitement in their eyes when we showed up with lots of brewed Farm Direct Gayo River Sumatra (brewed in both French Press and Cold Press method for the demo). At first I thought there excitement arose from a break in their morning of PowerPoint presentations, but I was thrilled to be completely wrong with my preconceived notion: Amazon was stoked about coffee!