| October 6, 2010

And now a coffee to celebrate the fall, a stand out from Western Ethiopia: the dry processed Nigusie Lemma. This coffee was among the first available through the Direct Specialty Trade auctions in Addis Ababa, an event organized to provide buyers with traceability and the assurance that over 85% of the price paid made its way back to the farmers. We are proud to participate in this exciting development in Ethiopia, which represents a step in what we believe to be the right direction. 
A dry-processed coffee of this caliber is a rare thing and worth celebrating; since too often this process results in inconsistencies due to uneven drying and sorting. Commonplace in dry processed coffees are flavors of dirt and over-ripe fruit. The Nigusie Lemma, however, is consistently clean, sweet, and delicious. The first thing to jump out is the aroma of ripe peaches and maraschino cherry, with a hint of amaretto.  This candied fruit aroma is complimented by oily almond butter body, and orange juice acidity.
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