Eveleigh Restaurant opens to acclaim in LA, serves Caffé Vita

| November 2, 2010

From the restaurants of James Beard Award winning chefs to fine hotels on the East Coast to posh resort spas in Napa, Caffé Vita has a long and storied history of helping trendsetting establishments develop the finest coffee programs in the world. Yesterday, Eveleigh on Sunset in West Hollywood, opened to much anticipation and acclaim. Our trainer, Andy Kent, spent five days, two weeks ago in LA training Eveleigh’s staff on coffee and bringing their program up to the standard they hold for their farm-to-plate fair. Eveleigh serves our Farm Direct, organic, Gayo River Sumatra in a French press for a tasty apres meal pickmeup sure to get even the most seasoned scenester in Hollywood ready for another night on the town.

Read an excellent write-up on Eveleigh here…

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