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New Addition in our Roasterie…

| January 18, 2011

Last week CaffĂ© Vita fired up a new page in our long and storied history by firing up our new (to us) vintage 60-kilo Probat roaster. For the first time in 14 years, our trusty 45-kilo 1930s Probat roaster is sitting dormant, but not for long. The old girl will get a complete overhaul as we get used to the logistics of roasting on a larger volume machine. The 60 gives us the new option of roasting an entire bag of coffee beans, which wouldn’t quite fit into the 45 before.

Obviously, our vintage Probat roasters offer a nice aesthetic touch to our roasterie, but more so we seek them out for the level of precision they lend our talented roasting team in terms of controlling temperatures throughout the roasting cycle. Furthermore, the pretty vintage shell of a Probat roaster is nothing without the accompanying vintage cast iron drum it holds within. If you think of a cast iron pan getting better with time and use as it’s “seasoned,” then you can understand why we seek out older machines.

If you’re in the Capitol Hill area, please feel free to stop by our cafe and pop your head into the roasterie for a quick look.