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New Crop Arrival: Organic Sumatra Gayo River

| January 19, 2011

Ah, the smell of a just-opened container after its month long journey from Medan to Seattle;  the dense sweet hay-like aroma of green coffee escapes, vibrant and fresh.  It has been a difficult season for the farmers and producers of northern Sumatra, and we feel extremely fortunate to have received this shipment.

Excessive rains have caused a number of problems for the farmers, with their trees struggling to produce as they once did.  Cycles of flowering and fruit development have been disrupted, and yields are down.  To make matters worse, much of the coffee being harvested is falling prey to the mildew and bacteria which thrive in the moist conditions. 

Needless to say, there are many frustrated parties involved in this situation, from growers who are missing out on an opportunity to cash in at the high market, to buyers who are simply unable to find quality organic Sumatra to roast.  Fortunately, we work with an excellent, consistent producer, Irham, and a tireless and inspiring facilitator, Syafrudin, who have once again delivered a coffee of exceptional quality despite all the challenges.  Thank you gentlemen, we are grateful for your hard work.
In the cup, it is everything we love about Sumatra, opening with dark chocolate and blackberry jam, accentuated by tobacco and pine.  The mouth feel is syrupy and sweet, with a hint of grapefruit zest acidity. The finish hints at black pepper and clove; with lingering warmth and a touch of spice.  The perfect coffee for a dreary winter day !