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New Arrival : Carmo Nero de Minas

| April 6, 2011

Situated in the valley of the Rio Verde, and flanked by the Serra da Mantiqeira mountain range, Carmo de Minas is a unique region within the massive coffee producing nation of Brazil. Whereas much of the production in Brazil is geared towards high yield, mechanized monoculture, coffee from Carmo is grown and processed with great attentiveness and pride, with a focus on quality and harmonious stewardship of the land.  Ibraim Chaib de Souza and his son Pedro produce our Carmo coffee, on the Condado and Pico Agudo estates, and they represent the third and fourth generation of this coffee farming family. 

The coffee is harvested and sorted by density in channels of water to isolate the ripe cherries, which are then pulped (the skin and flesh removed).  The resulting sticky parchment-covered beans are laid out in a thin layer and raked regularly to ensure even drying. This process is known as pulped natural, and results in a cup with some of the body and sweetness of a natural, but with more clarity of flavor and complexity.

The aroma is an intriguing mix of herbal and dried fruit notes: eucalyptus, fig, and cherry come to mind. The body is full and honeyed, with flavors of roasted almond, sugar cane, and orange zest leading to an amaretto and dark chocolate finish.

This coffee is a part of our Farm Direct program, and is available at our retail locations and online.