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For Wholesale Customers: Introducing Steven Smith Teamaker

| April 19, 2011

Last week at Caffe Vita headquarters, we were visited by Steven Smith of Steven Smith Teamaker, who carried his teacups up from Portland, Oregon. Smith Teamaker teas in the Tip-Top Cartons are now available to Caffe Vita wholesale customers.

Master teamaker Steven prepared twelve teas spanning the families of green/white, black, and herbal infusions. It was a beautiful progression of color and character, as we tasted our way around the table. A staff favorite was Peppermint Leaves, made from Oregon peppermint. It was not the mint we were expecting; it surprised everyone by being familiar, flavorful and intensely refreshing. Other favorites were the White Petal (taster’s quote, “I could drink this all day long. Really.”), Lord Bergamot (Smith’s take on Earl Grey), and Big Hibiscus (so much going on besides the magenta).
Here’s a closer look at the green leaves and the fine mesh of the Peppermint Leaves sachet. The tea sachets — bags, strings, and tags — are fully compostable.

The floral and spicy Big Hibiscus was complex and luscious. It brewed into a deep cabernet that brought new boldness of color to the teacup, with flavor to match.

Learn more about Steven Smith Teamaker at the Smith Blog.