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Food Network visits High 5 Pie

| May 14, 2011
Last evening, High 5 Pie, our friends and Capitol Hill neighbors, invited us over while the Food Network filmed in their cheery shop for a one-hour special on pies that is set to air in November. The special will also include visits to other pie shops in Seattle, Chicago, North Carolina, and Florida.
From outside the “Bakers Only” area of High 5 Pie, we could peek through the glass as the bakers showed the cameras how to make a Lemon Shaker Pie and a Cherry Almond Cutie Pie. The crew also filmed other High 5 Pie specialties: Coconut Cream, Peanut Butter Chocolate, Vanilla Cream, and Apple Petit-5s. Daniel from Caffe Vita got to enjoy his favorite pie — Marionberry — on camera.
We want to thank High 5 Pie founder Dani Cone for inviting us over to share a slice of media excitement. Dani’s pies might get used to being on TV: High 5 Pie is featured on the premiere episode of the Cooking Channel’s new show, Unique Sweets.
High 5 Pie opened at 1400 12th Avenue, Seattle, on Dec 30, 2010, and serves Fuel Coffee, which is roasted by Caffe Vita. Fuel Coffee has locations Capitol Hill, Montlake, and Wallingford, and you can find pie at all of them. You’ll also find High 5 Pie at Seattle Caffe Vita locations.
Food Network film crews OK, too.
This is pre-TV, folks.
Dani Cone, founder of High 5 Pie and Fuel.
Filming pie enjoyment over at big table.
This Banana Cream pie will not wait for forks.
Daniel eating pie on camera.
Pie and coffee: tender, tasty simplicity.