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New Arrival : Finca Pacamaral

| July 30, 2011

Caffe Vita’s most recent trip to Guatemala led to the discovery of this beautiful and rugged farm. Located at the upper limits of coffee cultivation (1700-2000 masl), the terrain provides a challenge for the farmers who work it. The steep hillsides are planted with a predominance of the Pacamara variety (hence the name), along with some Caturra and Catuai. Isote hugs the trails to provide protection against erosion and towering pine and avocado trees supply shade. The farm is owned by Eduardo Castro and managed by Jose ‘el Chepe’.

The cherries are handpicked at peak ripeness and then loaded into a truck for the short drive down to the wet mill at Finca Nuevo ViƱas where they are unloaded, sorted by density and de-pulped. After a fermentation period of approximately 24 hours the parchment is washed and then allowed to dry on patios.

The cup is complex and lively with aromas of honeysuckle, melon, and ginger. Flavors of marshmallow, dark chocolate, and dried cherry are buoyed by a lemon juice acidity and sustained in the sweet, persistent finish.

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