Fresh Vita Tees, Green and Grey

| October 12, 2011

New Vita tees are in. What can these tees say about you?

In rich green, the stylish French press design features the line, “out of this world and into your cup.” When you wear this shirt, it shows that you’ve got a handle on things and that you’re all about taking the plunge.
In light grey, it’s clear you don’t have time for anything but the best. Taste matters to you, and you like your coffee strong. Every day it pumps you up so you can get all of your stuff done. It’s simple. It’s delicious  It’s the coffee.
Make a statement or just wear a shirt. Find them at a Caffe Vita near you for the easy price of $14. Get them while you can.
Thanks to our models, Erin and Wade, who took a break from work to pose for the camera in the Caffe Vita Bean Room.
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