Daily Archives: December 20, 2011

Meatball Shop Cookbooks Have Arrived

| December 20, 2011

If you’ve been following Vita news as of late, you’ll know that we’re bringing Vita to the Lower East Side in early 2012. Our future NYC neighbors at The Meatball Shop have been more than welcoming. In fact, Caffe Vita is the only coffee poured at Daniel and Michael’s three restaurants.

In celebration of this delicious partnership, we’re selling autographed copies of the The Meatball Shop Cookbook at our Capitol Hill cafe and will soon at all other Vita locations. This beautiful cookbook is priced at $28.

Now Available: Kenya Gitwe Karinga and Colombia Cauca Inza

| December 20, 2011

Over the weekend, the last bags of Holiday Blend were purchased, and it’s perfect timing for us to tell you about two new single-origin coffees. We are very excited to roast, sell, brew, and serve Kenya Gitwe Karinga and Colombia Cauca Inza. Look for these two as the French press coffees of the day at the Caffe Vita near you.

Now, about that first coffee from Kenya. It has the ability to mesmerize and awe, with its shimmering acidity and complex bouquet of distinct aromatics. From our search, this lot from the Gitwe Farmers Cooperative Society’s Karinga washing station stood out above the rest. The clarity of flavors, depth, elegance, and remarkable sweetness are not to be missed! The Gitwe Cooperative was formed in 1985 after splitting from the Gatundu society, with membership currently standing at 1,868 farmers. This coffee comes from the Karinga wet mill, located on the eastern slopes of the Aberdare ranges. Perfectly ripe cherries are delivered to the wet mill the same day they are picked, and fresh river water is used to process and wash the coffee.

Pristine and perfumed, this coffee offers syrupy sweetness and sparkling acidity. Marasca cherry (mmm, sour), melon, and orange zest aromatics complement flavors of heirloom tomato and blackberry. Enjoy the elegant finish of honey and bergamot. Kenya Gitwe Karinga is available at our cafes and in the online store. The quantity is quite limited, so don’t delay.

The next, Colombia Cauca Inza, is from a region-specific lot in the Inza municipality of the Cauca department in southwest Colombia. It was selected with the assistance of Oralando Torchez, with strict attention to cup quality and cohesion. The average farm size is one-to-two hectares, and the character is very representative of the region, with great depth and lingering sweetness.

Savory and satisfying, with aromas of dark chocolate, dried plum, and geranium, there is an impressive balance of ripe cherry sweetness and meyer lemon acidity with a finish of brown butter, maple, and cardamom. The Colombia Cauca Inza beans have an intoxicating fragrance. We hope you enjoy sipping this as much as we do.