Celebrating Conservation Coffee from Papua New Guinea

| December 16, 2011

Last night our roasting room was transformed as we celebrated our collaboration with the Woodland Park Zoo’s Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program (TKCP) and the arrival of coffee from the remote forests of Papua New Guinea’s Huon Peninsula.

Earlier this year, our Green Bean Coffee Buyer Daniel Shewmaker traveled with the TKCP staff  to Papua New Guinea’s YUS Conservation Area. There, coffee has become a true opportunity for positive growth and hope in the community — where selling a quality coffee crop can mean education for their children.

Last night, we gathered with friends from the Woodland Park Zoo to celebrate the fruits of this unique partnership. Chef Shane Lynch prepared a feast inspired by Papua New Guinea cuisine (i.e., smoked pork wrapped in banana leaves, coconut fish stew, vegan sweet potato curry, sauteed greens with fresh ginger, roasted taro root and potatoes, and fresh tropical fruit!) the team’s travels to the region. After dinner, everyone sampled an exclusive first taste of the coffee and took home some beans from the initial roast.

We look forward to releasing Yopno Uruwa Som in early 2012. Until then, keep on supporting the Woodland Park Zoo with your purchase of Zoo Special Reserve. It makes a great gift for the animal and coffee lovers in your life.

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