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Little Seattle Shines

| January 30, 2012
Photo by Bowery Boogie

May we offer you a light? Bowery Boogie has posted an update with photos of our progress in NYC. Neon for the new store went up last week and we’re excited to see our Punchinello represented on the Lower East Side.

For more photos, including a few of Via Tribunali, go here.

Sumatra Gayo River – New Crop Arrival

| January 26, 2012

As always, the arrival of new crop Farm Direct Sumatra Gayo River is a cause for celebration, particularly when we take into consideration the challenges facing our farmers and producing partners in Aceh, Indonesia. The damaging weather patterns continue to hamper production, to the tune of a nearly thirty-percent drop over the past two seasons. The primary cause for this decline has been higher-than-average rainfall during the critical blossoming and ripening stages of development.

A period of dry weather is necessary to stimulate a timely and consistent flowering, and the extended rains have led to a scattered harvest with low yields. As a result, prices are higher than ever, but this coffee is worth it! We have transitioned into this new crop and it is one of the best yet, featuring everything we love about the Gayo profile — syrupy body, blackberry sweetness, and herbal complexity.

Pick up a fresh bag of these rich, organic beans at any Caffe Vita cafe or online.

Public Brewing School is Back in Session

| January 25, 2012

On February 18th, Caffe Vita’s Public Brewing School is officially back in session. Public Brewing School (PBS) is our complimentary class that delves into the world of understanding and brewing better coffee at home.

PBS is focused on manual brewing methods, but is also an open forum to talk all things coffee. Set aside your automatic drip machine and learn about the joys and benefits of using superior brewing methods like French Press, Chemex, Vacuum Pot, Bialetti, Pour Over and more. PBS is held at our roasterie on Capitol Hill.

As always, Public Brewing School is free, but we won’t tell if you’d like to make it a belated Valentine’s Day gift. To reserve your spot, please email

Happy Pie Day!

| January 23, 2012

Here at Vita, we like our pie. Thankfully, we know a few of the best spots for the all-American divine dessert. Today is National Pie Day, one of our favorite days of the year! Below is a short list of our friends who are celebrating right along with us.

Portlanders will be indulging in a pie pairing special today at Random Order Coffeehouse & Bakery and Caffe Vita Alberta in Portland. A cup of French press and a slice will set you back a mere $6.

The 5 Point Cafe is celebrating new homemade pies made in house by Kate Drummond (Bunny’s Baked Goods). Today’s pies are Pecan and Blueberry Lemon. Stop by for the $5 Vita & Pie special.

The ever-illusive Banoffee pie.

Even though every day is pie day at High 5 Pie, today they’re serving up extra-special Banoffee pie, key lime, coconut cream, dark chocolate lavender, and more!

Pie man Rick Friel at Pie Party!

In more pie-related news, our very own Rick Friel hosted Pie Party this past Saturday, a sweet bash to benefit ovarian cancer research!