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Introducing: The 12,000 Rain Gardens Blend

| January 11, 2012

Last week, we shared a first look at our first new coffee of 2012, a rich, all-organic blend of shade-grown coffees from Ethiopia, Guatemala and East Timor with notes of dark cherry, cocoa and honey. Today, we’re excited to announce the inspiration behind the blend: a collaboration with the 12,000 Rain Gardens project.

In support of Stewardship Partners and Washington State University Extension’s 12,000 Rain Gardens campaign to reduce flooding and runoff pollution into Puget Sound, we have officially released the 12,000 Rain Gardens Blend. Vita is donating 10% of the purchase price of each bag towards the installation of 12,000 rain gardens in the Puget Sound area by 2016.

Each year, 14 million pounds of toxins enter Puget Sound. This pollution is primarily cause by rainwater runoff from our streets, driveways, lawns and rooftops. Rain gardens take advantage of rainfall and stomwater runoff in their design and plant selection. The 12,000 Rain Gardens project will capture, filter and infiltrate 160 million gallons of pollution that would otherwise flow untreated into the waters of Puget Sound.

12,000 Rain Gardens Blend is available at our seven Washington cafes and in our online store. Be on the lookout for events and promotions in the community as we help clean the waters of Puget Sound one cup at a time.

To learn more about rain gardens, including where you can find them in your neighborhood and how to build your own, visit

Caffe Vita Featured in Diner’s Journal

| January 10, 2012

Last week, Caffe Vita was featured as a notable player among the new crop of coffee bars, coffee roasters and coffee training labs that have set up shop in New York as of late. Oliver Strand announced our impending opening (roaster in tow) on the Lower East Side in Diner’s Journal. We look forward to bringing our uniquely northwest personality to roasting locally in New York City.

Read the full article here.

A Sneak Peek At Our Latest Blend

| January 5, 2012

Our new blend will be available in all of our Washington cafes starting next week. We at Caffe Vita are so excited about this unique collaboration that we wanted to share just a bit (without giving too much away).

As for the coffee itself, it’s a rich, all organic blend of shade-grown coffees from Ethiopia, Guatemala and East Timor, delivering a comforting cup with notes of dark cherry, cocoa and honey.

We look forward to sharing more about our latest blend next week when it’s officially released. Until then, you’ll just have to feast your eyes on this gorgeous label art.

Vita Everywhere: Two Guns Espresso

| January 3, 2012

Two Guns Espresso proudly serves Caffe Vita in the South Bay of LA. They’ve only been open since early December, but Andrew “Stan” Stanisich and Craig Oram’s cafe already has a following on Manhattan Beach.

The native New Zealanders offer local pastries, leafy brews from the Art of Tea and, of course, Vita. One particularly passionate Yelp reviewer said, “I walked in, saw the face of god, drank his coffee, and then went to my knees and cried.” We’re blushing.

If you find yourself in the South Bay, stop by and let Two Guns serve you a Caffe Vita triple shot ristretto.

Keep up to date on everything going on at Two Guns (and see some pretty impressive latte art) over on their Facebook page.