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Vita Everywhere: Journey To Uganda

| February 27, 2012
The first man to bring coffee to the region. 

Our green bean buyer, Daniel Shewmaker, is currently traveling in Uganda. While Internet access is spotty, here’s what he passed our way today.

Uganda, Rwenzori to Elgon 

We’ve been travelling for the past week through the beautiful and diverse land of Uganda. First, we visited the Rwenzururu Kingdom of the Bukonzo people, where a remarkable effort is under way to improve the quality of coffee in the region. Needless to say the potential is huge, where the dark volcanic soils of the Rwenzori mountain range running through the Congo border represent a vast land of prime coffee terroir.

After a brief stop in Kampala we headed east, towards the Kenya border and the towering Mount Elgon. Visiting washing stations and farms in the region, we learned of the challenges which face the community looking forward to what they hope will be a bumper crop. The weather of the past season was difficult for drying and transport of coffee from the mountain, but investments have been made to address some of these problems and I am excited to see what this upcoming year has in store for the quality of these coffees.
Tomorrow I am off for Ethiopia, the motherland of Arabica coffee, for what is sure to be an inspiring journey.